Private Sellers

  • No dedicated marketplace for private sellers

    • • Listings have to compete for eyeballs with dealers
    • • Poor quality listings - no support to enhance
    • • Unable to attract data-driven buyers
  • No access to tools and resources

    • • Unable to attract finance buyers
    • • Cannot provide post-purchase support
  • Short-changed

    • • Lower suggested retail price on classified
    • • Forced to sell to a Car Buying Services
    • • End up trading-in with a car dealer

Private Buyers

  • Fear of the unknown

    • • Quality and condition of cars unknown
    • • Integrity of the sellers questionable
  • No post-purchase support

    • • Unable to provide warranty to deal
      with sudden breakdown
  • Poor value for money

    • • End up buying from dealers at higher prices
    • • Higher finance rates

Solution = Carvio Protocol

The Carvio Protocol is a decentralised peer-to-peer ecosystem for the used car marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology to sustain the integrity of vehicle documents and makes the transaction process transparent, convenient and secure. Carvio aims to remove car dealerships in the process of selling and buying used cars by connecting sellers of quality assured cars and verified buyers.

The purchase process is peer-to-peer and governed by smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform has an array of features that have been designed to give consumers confidence, assurance, flexibility, peace of mind and ultimately maximum value.

  • Peer-to-Peer Platform: only listing from private sellers
  • Independent Inspection: to confirm the reliability and condition of vehicles
  • Secure Payment: escrow payment to give both parties peace of mind
  • Service Providers: direct access to motoring related Service Providers
  • Data-Driven Platform: access to data to help sellers and buyers to make an informed decisions
  • Background History Check: all cars listed gets vetted
  • Post Purchase Warranty: post-purchase warranty to give buyer confidence
  • Finance Payment Option: direct access to auto finance providers


Carvio Wallet

The tool for sellers to create and manage car listings smart contracts via elected marketplaces and buyers to create purchase smart contracts outlining ideal vehicles parameters. Both sellers and buyers will also utilise their wallets to sign the Purchase Terms Agreements.

Listing Database

The Carvio listings database will function on the blockchain and will consist of vehicles which have been listed for sale by various sellers directly or via an elected marketplace. Information held on the database will include listings attributions such as inspection reports, warranty providers and escrow agents.

Listing API

The solution for service providers such as inspection companies, finance companies and warranty companies to participate in the Carvio ecosystem. Participants can post data to the blockchain and retrieve relevant information about vehicles, sellers and buyers from the database.


The Carvio Protocol consists of 3 smart contracts, which, when utilised, make the listing, verification and sale of vehicles transparent. We believe that blockchain technology with smart contracts will revolutionise selling and buying of used cars. The retail automotive industry is not known to be an early adopter of new technology. Carvio Protocol aims to change that, and disrupt the market. Carvio Token is based on the Ethereum ER20 token standard.


Token Sale

  • What is Carvio Token?

    Carvio token is a digital currency that will primarily used by sellers to pay for car listings on the Carvio Protocol, and also for remunerating service providers who partake in the process of listing cars.

  • Name


  • Hard Cap

    37,500,000 CRV

  • Soft Cap

    7,500,000 CRV

  • Exchange

    1 CRV = 0.40 USD

  • Currency

    ETH, BTC

  • Min Purchase

    250 CRV

  • Start


  • Ends


  • Restrictions

    United States of America, People's Republic of China (except for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region

  • Private Sale
    +Bonus Private
  • 1 ETH* = 1450 CRV
    Inc 45% Bonus +45% Pre-sale
  • 1 ETH = 1200 CRV
    Inc 20% Bonus +20% Public Sale
    Round 1
  • 1 ETH = 1150 CRV
    Inc 15% Bonus +15% Public Sale
    Round 2
  • 1 ETH = 1100 CRV
    Inc 10% Bonus +10% Public Sale
    Round 3
  • 1 ETH = 1050 CRV
    Inc 5% Bonus +5% Public Sale
    Round 4
  • * Based on the assumption that the current price of Ether is $400 (USD)

Token Allocation

  • 50% Token Sale
  • 20% Carvio Ecosystem Development
  • 12.5% Founders
  • 12.5% Team
  • 2.5% Advisers
  • 2.5% Bounty

Funds Allocation

  • 30% IT Development
  • 30% Marketing
  • 12.5% Community Initiatives
  • 10% Admin & Operators
  • 10% Legal
  • 7.5% Research & Development


The bounty program for Carvio is designed to amplify and spread the word regarding the purpose of the platform and development progress with the assistance of the community. Bounty program participants are encouraged to write or share posts about Carvio.



The possibilities with blockchain technology and smart contracts have reshaped our perspective in the way consumers should sell and buy used cars. The capability to automate aspects of selling and buying a used vehicle emphasis the likelihood of eradicating dealerships. Explore the potentials that await sellers and buyers of used cars, and learn about the opportunity to partake in the revolution.

First Applications

Carket Marketplace

Carket the world's first decentralised peer-to-peer used marketplace built on the Carvio Protocol. Carket Marketplace will adopt the unique features of the Carvio Protocol and pioneer advanced tools that will simplify car buying and selling. The Carvio Protocol flagship marketplace exhibit the potential use of the framework provided by the ecosystem. Carket Marketplace will initially target the UK market, with plans to expand internationally.


Servicefy App

A blockchain powered auto management app with features designed to help consumers in preserving and documenting their car's service and maintenance records and monitoring the residual value of the vehicles. Users can share and transfer service records and may also find and book local Service Providers.



  • 2H 2017

    • Carvio Protocol Designed
    • Launched Servicefy App
    • Started Carket Marketplace Build
  • 1H 2018

    • Carvio Protocol Whitepaper Released
    • Carvio Protocol Seed Round
    • Carvio Protocol Private Token Sale
    • Commence Token Public Sale
    • Onboarding Carvio Protocol
    • Service Providers
  • 2H 2018

    • Launch Carvio Protocol V0.1
    • Launch Carket Marketplace in the UK
  • 1H 2019

    • Launch Carvio Protocol V0.2
    • Commence adoption campaign in Europe (France and Germany)
  • 2H 2019

    • Launch Carvio Protocol V1.0
    • Commence adoption campaign in Europe (all countries), US (California, Texas, Florida, New York & New Jersey)
  • 1H 2020

    • Launch Carvio Protocol V1.5
    • Commence adoption campaign in US (all states), Asia (India) and Canada
  • 2H 2020

    • Launch Carvio Protocol V2.0
  • 1H 2021

    • Commence adoption campaign in Asia (China, Korea & Japan)
  • 2H 2021

    • Commence adoption campaign in all other countries

The Team

  • Tayo Ajet

    Founder & CEO

    Automotive consumer expert. Former Lead Innovation and Digital Marketing Specialist for one of the U.K.'s largest independent car dealers with over £170 Million in revenues. 10 Years marketing experience, 5 years within Automotive. Early investor in Bitcoin.

  • Ching Patel

    Co-Founder & CCO

    Award nominated Former-Dealer Principle and F&I Director. Spearheaded the growth of one of the U.K.'s largest independent car dealers from £25 Million turnover to a £170 million revenues operation. 20 Years Experience, 15 years within Automotive sales and management. Cryptocurrency fanatic and investor.

  • Julian Wheway

    Vice President of Product

    Julian has developed and managed some of the U.K.’s largest e-commerce websites across a broad range of sectors. Most recently, as Group Product Director for Cox Automotive, Julian had oversight of the U.K.’s largest portfolio of automotive products.

  • Emmanuel Abiodun

    Co-Founder & Investor

    Co-founded Servicefy and Carket early in 2016. A car fanatic, Technology Entrepreneur and Investor. Founder of multiple blockchain companies. Industry recognized Blockchain and financial services expert and currently one of the lead architects on Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service. An Early investor in Bitcoin.

  • Sergey Sudakov

    Full Stack Software/Web Engineer

    Full Stack Software/Web Engineer with over 7 years of experience. Participated in multiple ICOs of varying sizes and an early Bitcoin investor. He has worked with brands such as Sky, IBM, Ford, The Sun and Legoland.

  • Sead Fadilpasic


    Sead is a seasoned journalist with more than 15 years of experience. His inner speciality is technology, as he spent most of his career writing about new and disruptive technologies including innovative software, IoT, cloud, 5G and blockchain. He was also a member of Al Jazeera Balkans’ web editorial for three years.

  • Alex Stetsenko

    UI/UX Designer

    An expert UI/UX Designer with over eight years experience specialising in web and UI/UX design. Previously worked at Design agencies and with various start-ups from different industries.

  • Sam Ajetunmobi

    Lead Software Engineer

    Full Stack Software Developer with over ten years experience building full-scale cloud applications. Blockchain technology ambassador with a previous background working in the fintech space.

  • Godwin Jibuke

    Lead Blockchain Developer

    Blockchain, smart contract and cloud computing expert. Early Bitcoin miner and investor. 15 years of professional experience in different industries including advertising and education. Godwin is the builder of various blockchain products that range from wallets to fundraising platforms.



What is Carvio Token?

Carvio token is a digital currency that will primarily used by sellers to pay for car listings on the Carvio Protocol, and also for remunerating service providers who partake in the process of listing cars.

Who are we?

Carvio Limited is a registered company in England and Wales. The company was formed by the founders of Servicefy Limited, a team of professionals with a solid Automotive and Blockchain technology background. Members of the founders have had success in building one of the UK’s largest auto dealerships. We firmly believe in the power blockchain provides in removing intermediaries.

How can I buy Tokens?

Tokens can be purchased by registering your interest here

When does the sale start?


What is the Soft cap & Hard Cap?

Soft Cap is 7,500,000 CRV ($3,000,000) and Hard Cap is 37,500,000 CRV ($15,000,000)

What is the total supply of Carvio Tokens?

Total supply is 97,400,000 CRV

Are there any bonuses?

Yes there are five rounds of bonuses:

Presale: 45%
Public Sale Round 1: 20%
Public Sale Round 2: 15%
Public Sale Round 3: 10%
Public Sale Round 4: 5%

When is the crowd sale?


How do I access the pre-sale?

Register your interest here

Will tokens be issued in the pre-sale?

The Tokens will be issued within 30 days of the end of the Token sale.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

250 CRV.

Do I buy in Fiat currency or with cryptocurrency?

You can only pay in Cryptocurrency. (BTC or ETH)

Join the Whitelist to Exchange ETH, USD or BTC for Carvio Tokens
(* indicates required)